Dream Board 

The From Outside In (FOI) Dream Board is a space to share our big dreams and goals! We want you - our supporters and friends - to dream with us too! Continue checking this board to see our hopes for the future and updates on some of the goals that we have achieved! 


From outside in boutique

Our dream for From Outside In is to have a permanent space where youth can come to be inspired. We just opened our new temporary location at 2600 North Orange Ave. Orlando, FL. We are so excited that we have the opportunity to utilize this space until we can find a more permanent solution.



More brand new clothing

Youth love getting clothes that are brand new! A retail partner that could donate new clothes would be a dream come true! 


A self-esteem & life skills workshop

We believe in inspiring confidence in youth from the Outside-In. While we have programming to help youth feel confident on how they present themselves on the outside, we also want to work on developing programs that help youth feel confident on the inside. We are in need of a leader to help us launch a self-esteem/life skills workshop for the youth that we serve! If your are interested in starting this, or you know of a program that does this, reach out to us! Let's work together to inspire confidence in youth!